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Hamilton Heights in Manhattan, New York is a neighborhood located south of 155th St., east of St.Nicholas Way, north of 135th St.and west of the Hudson River. Parts of Broadway run through the middle of this neighborhood. It is a wonderful community in which to live and raise your family, work or own a business

Audubon Street Art and Gitler Gallery are just a few of the cultural spots worthy of visiting. Broadway Up Close Walking Tours attracts visitors from around the world to be guided to unique historical and cultural venues. Hamilton Grange Library provides ready access to knowledge from many sources including books, computers and the internet. Small, quaint eateries abound and some of the finest restaurants in Manhattan are located in Hamilton Heights. Taverns and pubs are plentiful for relaxing with friends.

Rentals and condominiums provide a great deal of the housing but brownstones and row houses provide quieter residential settings, mainly in the eastern area of the community. The area has been in a gentrification period for some years now, renovating historic preservation buildings and remodeling others have added to the popularity of the quiet, tree-lined streets of these brownstones and row homes. Many people who can afford the gentrified homes choose the eastern area because it a community feeling when compared with the busier areas of Hamilton Heights, yet it is a short commute for many workers to travel to and from their work locations.

Many places of worship are found in Hamilton Heights. Due to its long ago history as home to many Russian immigrants, Russian Orthodox Catholic Cathedrals and churches are common, but every denomination and religion is represented with worship locations in the community. With the broad spectrum of ethnic backgrounds in the area, everyone’s religious needs are met.

Educational opportunities in Hamilton Heights are plentiful. There are great daycare centers, public and private schools in the community, and a choice of institutions of higher learning in or nearby Hamilton Heights. Public transportation of all types is readily available, including car services. It is not uncommon to see limos driving in some areas of the neighborhood.

Notable figures who lived at least a portion of their lives in this community include civil rights activist Malcolm X, the first President George Washington, musicians Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Juelz Santana, and singer Lena Horne. The renowned composer George Gershwin and artist Norman Rockwell are included in notable residents of Hamilton Heights.

Hamilton Heights also has many non-human residents, specifically pests and vermin, and when these unwanted pests are spotted in your home or business a competent Hamilton Heights Manhattan pest control from Pest Control New York City should be called in to rid your home or business of these unwanted, often hard to eradicate on your own, including bees, wasps, termites, roaches, spiders, squirrels, mice, rats and other vermin. The beautiful historic homes in the Hamilton Heights Historic District can be seriously damaged by some bugs and rodents but any residential or business space of any era can experience an attack of these problem creatures.

Bedbugs are nearly impossible to get rid of using over the counter products; only pesticides and growth hormone deterrents available only to licensed exterminators will effectively kill and free your home or business of these blood-sucking pests. The worst part is that it is so easy to become infested with bedbugs even if everything is kept neat and clean because they are talented sneaky hitchhikers. Public transportation, public gatherings, structural cracks, poorly sealed doors and bedbugs migrating from nearby units are only of few of the many, many ways bed bugs can get into your home or business. Within only a few weeks, perhaps before you even notice you have a problem, your location can be overrun with thousands of the six-legged pests. Hamilton Heights Manhattan Pest NYC will guarantee their service when resolving your bedbug infestation at costs you can afford. You’ll be grateful to end the sleepless nights of worrying if you are being attacked and the sometimes severe itching caused by the bites or the fear of your businesses becoming known as a haven for bedbugs.

Cockroaches and waterbugs are often a problem in areas of dense population. No one wants to go into their kitchen or bathroom to find these insects present, and many people have a phobia of them. Cleanliness alone won’t make them go away. A business simply can’t afford to have a customer spot bugs like these, especial if your business serves food or drink, not to mention the health inspector can close down a business when these insects are present to protect the public health. Properly trained Manhattan Hamilton Heights exterminators from Pest Control NYC will step in and use the finest, most effective products to squash the existing problem and prevent reinfestation.

Spiders are eight-legged creatures that multitudes of people are highly afraid of, some so badly that even a picture of one of these critters will throw them into a serious panic attack. Only a few species are highly toxic to humans but these few can produce severe, even deadly, reactions in humans. Ridding your home or commercial location of these pests is important and, because of their small brains, bug sprays available to the home or business simply don’t work well. However, Hamilton Heights pest control experts from Pest Control NYC are properly trained and licenses, allowing them to use professional-grade products that really do get rid of the problem.

Whatever your pest or vermin problem, contact Pest Control New York City to set up an appointment for an estimate or treatment. Open seven days per week, you’ll be pleased with the quality and courtesy of the service provided to free you from whatever pests or vermin you experience, as well as for regular preventive services.

Hamilton Heights is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan. It lies between Manhattanville to the south and Washington Heights to the north. It contains the neighborhood of Sugar Hill.

Hamilton Heights is bounded by 135th Street to the south, the Hudson River to the west, 155th Street to the north, and Edgecombe Avenue to the east. The community derives its name from Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, who lived the last two years of his life in the area when it was still largely farmland; specifically, he lived in what is now known as Hamilton Grange National Monument. It is located within Manhattan Community Board 9.

Most of the housing dates from the extension of the elevated and subway lines at the end of the 19th and the start of the 20th Century. This fairly elegant housing became less desirable to white residents in the 1930s and 1940s as the population changed from white to black, even though the black residents were just as affluent as the white residents. There are spacious apartment buildings, brownstones and other row houses prominently lining the leafy eastern streets of Hamilton Heights, an area traditionally home to a substantial black professional class. The brownstone revival of the 1960s and 1970s led to a new movement of middle-class blacks in the area. Latinos arrived in large numbers in the 1980s, with Dominicans making up the majority. Today the local population is changing again, with Hispanics constituting a majority of the population followed by African Americans, West Indians and remainders of earlier times' ethnic whites. Gentrification since 2005 has dramatically increased the proportion of non-Hispanic whites. Many actors, artists, teachers, and other professionals now reside in Hamilton Heights.

Hamilton Heights is the home of City College of New York (CCNY), Dance Theatre of Harlem, The Harlem School of the Arts and Aaron Davis Hall.

The neighborhood offers several parks, including the recently built Riverbank State Park, embedded in Riverside Park which runs along the Hudson River the length of Hamilton Heights.

Historic Hamilton Heights comprises the Hamilton Heights Historic District and the Hamilton Heights/Sugar Hill Historic District Extension, both designated by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. One of the highest hills in Hamilton Heights slopes up from the Hudson River at 155th Street, and contains the Trinity Church Cemetery. Many individual buildings in the district are also land-marked, including Sheppard Hall on the City College Campus, and the building that once housed The High School of Music & Art.

The number 1 subway service stops in Hamilton Heights at the 137th Street – City College and 145th Street stations. The A and D trains run under St. Nicholas Avenue, providing service at 145th Street. The C shares stations with the A train services at 135th, 145th, and 155th Streets. The B shares stations with the D train services at 135th, 145th, and 155th Streets. The MTA-New York City Transit bus lines M4 and M5 serve Broadway; M100 and M101 run on Amsterdam Avenue; M11 on 135th Street; Bx19 on 145th Street; Bx6 on 155th Street and the M3 on St. Nicholas Avenue.

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