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Chelsea, ZIP 10030

Chelsea Manhattan is a community of great diversity and culture. There are over 22 art galleries in this small neighborhood. It is located from north to eat from 34th St. to 11th Ave, across 14th St. on the south and 6th Ave. completes the boundaries of Chelsea. Of course, as with most Manhattan communities, slightly different streets and avenues may be named as the area of Chelsea, but seldom more than one street or avenue difference from the description given here.

Pest control in Chelsea is an important issue. Housing ranges from tenement buildings to apartments to upscale housing. Bedbugs, cockroaches, ants, mice, rats, squirrels, wasps, bees, termites, spiders and other pests and vermin can be big problems when they become residents of the buildings and homes in Chelsea.

Bedbugs are a big problem all over New York City and Chelsea is not exempt from the problem. They are perhaps the most difficult pest to kill and a job the home or building owner just can’t do successfully themselves. Chelsea bedbug experts at Pest Control New York City will provide the professional grade services required to end a bedbug infestation once and for all. They will advise you on how to prepare for treatment and explain ways to avoid reinfestation so you can avoid having the nightmare of repeatedly having these bloodsucking pests in your home or building.

Even commercial site can get bedbugs as well as other pests and vermin. Customers and clients or even employees can unknowingly bring these undesirables into your business and soon you have a serious problem. Manhattan Pest Control New York City Chelsea bedbug pros are happy to serve commercial locations for a one-time treatment or for regularly scheduled pest control maintenance to prevent pests of any type from horrifying your customers and staff.

Ants can be a problem, especially is a queen ant gets into your home or business and a nest is built around her. Spraying and other techniques just won't work because as long as the queen is present, ants will reproduce and forage your space for food, even going in and out of cracks and crevices to forage outdoors and return the food to the nest.

Termites can destroy wood in structure and you probably won’t even know your home or property is being attacked by these extremely destructive creatures. When see, many people think they are just some sort of flying ant because their bodies look much like ants, but no ant flies, only termites. Because termites eat dead wood, any wood used in building your home including structural beams, wood floors, studs inside walls and even wooden furniture. Your home or property should have a termite inspection on a regular basis to ensure no termites are present. If termites are found Chelsea Manhattan Pest Control NYC experts can provide the treatments you need, depending on the extent of the infestation. Repairs from termite damage can be very expensive, so play it safe and turn to Chelsea’s Pest Control NYC termite experts for affordable inspections and, if necessary, treatments.

Cockroaches, waterbugs, spiders and other pests can be problems for Chelsea homes and businesses. It is nearly impossible to get rid of these pests with over the counter products. They hide in so many places and, because spiders have tiny heads and brains, it is difficult for sprays to kill them. It is easy for Chelsea extermination experts to rid your residence or business of any pest you may experience infestations of by using their training, skills, and products that are environmentally safe but deadly to the pests bothering you. The products used are human and pet safe. You can schedule one visit but since these bugs and spiders often return, it is best to make arrangements to have Manhattan’s Pest Control NYC visit your Chelsea location on a regular basis.

Vermin such as mice, rats and other vermin of any type are also specialties of Chelsea Manhattan Pest Control NYC. Whatever your vermin problem, they can quickly and easily take care of it, freeing you from the nightmare of walking into your kitchen to find a mouse or rat. Commercial vermin services are especially important because offices and restaurants simply can’t afford for a client or customer to spot a mouse or rat in the establishment.

Chelsea is a community with people from every income and background living there. There are many LGBTQ people living there and they are welcomed, unlike some other communities. It is more residential than business oriented but, oddly enough, the New York Department of Motor Vehicles is located in this community.

Overall, Chelsea is a pleasant community in which to live. There’s plenty of small retail shops and many restaurants of every kind from home cooking style to every ethnic food commonly popular in New York. Just outside Chelsea is even more shopping opportunities at larger retail stores like Macy’s and others.

Gentrification continues in Chelsea changing the population and income diversity of the neighborhood. Even now it is not uncommon for upscale row houses to be on one side of the street while a tenement building is on the other side of the street. But everyone seems to live together quite peacefully.

Chelsea and the Chelsea Hotel have been the subject of popular songs and residence of some famous people. The now-deceased songwriter and singer, Leonard Cohen, wrote Chelsea Hotel and Chelsea Hotel #2. Whether it is urban legend or fact, the songs were supposedly inspired by nights the singer spent in the hotel with Janis Joplin. The song Sara by Bob Dylan is also based on the Chelsea Hotel. Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young wrote and performed Chelsea. These are only a few examples of songs based on this Manhattan historic landmark.

The Chelsea Hotel no longer accepts long-term residents, but at one time it had numerous famous people living there long term. Some of these include: sci-fi author Arthur C. Clark, actor Sam Shepard, actors and film directors Stanley Kubrick, Uma Thurman, Joni Mitchell, and Cher are only a few of the famous people who resided at the Chelsea at one time or another.

Wherever you reside or do business in Chelsea, turn to Chelsea Manhattan’s Pest Control New York City for your pest control and vermin extermination needs. Their kind, concerned service is guaranteed to please you and remove your unwelcomed guests. One- time service or long-term contracts are available. Call seven days a week for more information.


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