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  • We would like for every client (our philosophy is customer for life) to have access to all of the educational resources and information available to gather knowledge about the various pest control issues that exist. We also offer different services for different types of pests.

    Pest Control of New York City provides several pest control services for our clients like commercial exterminator services and residential pest control services in New York City, NYC.


    Our exterminators are extremely efficient at Pest Control and Extermination. You do not need to go for ineffective pest control products, just make a schedule for our caring and professional pest control services and then our exterminator will do everything for you.

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    Carpenter Ants!

    Carpenter ants excavate galleries in wood and are considered wood destroying organisms because of this habit. Carpenter ant colonies are usually constructed in areas with excessive moisture such as roof or plumbing leaks. Colonies are difficult to locate because they are located in difficult-to-reach sites and are often supplemented by separate, smaller satellite colonies (sub-colonies away from the main colony). Foraging ants are regularly seen in homes and buildings but this does not necessarily indicate an active carpenter ant infestation within the structure. Many times carpenter ants foraging within homes are originating from outside sources such as woodpiles and trees.

    Biology and Behavior!
    Large, black, shiny ant 1/4-1/2 inch long.
    Polymorphic: meaning ants of same colony can vary in size.
    Excavates galleries in wood but does not use the wood as a food source.
    Chewed up wood pieces and dead insects indicate presence of nest(s).
    Carpenter ant nests are found in areas of excessive moisture or water leaks.
    Can be found in solid, sound wood but prefer water-damaged wood.

    Recommendations for
       Carpenter Ant Control!
    Identify nest locations. Nighttime inspections are best.
    Keep shrubs, vines and tree limbs trimmed away from structure.
    Mulch should be less than 3 inches deep; gravel perimeters are best.
    Remove garbage daily and store refuse-holding containers outside.
    Fill window and door frame gaps, utility openings and cracks with a sealant.
    Remove leaf litter and yard wastes from foundation.
    Don't stack lumber, firewood, bricks or other debris next to foundation.
    Treat plant-feeding insects with appropriate insecticide.
    Wash ant-trails with a mild detergent to eliminate pheromone cues.
    Ant Service

    1 apartment= $225.00 and $75.00 for each additional apt.
    45 day guarantee.
    Call after 10 days if there is still a problem.
    Service includes a full inspection and the crack and crevice treatment of the entire structure, with Suspend insecticide, Gentrol growth regulator, and baits and gels where necessary.
    Preparations: Empty as many cabinets and closets as possible especially under the sinks

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