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Manhattan is home to about 1.65 million people. The population of pests such as bedbugs, cockroaches, waterbugs, ants, fleas, spiders, bees, wasps, termites, rats, mice, squirrels and other vermin is much larger than that of humans and these pests cause vast amounts damage to infested homes and the people residing there, both in money and psychological trauma. Many commercial and industrial buildings have pest problems, too.

Bedbugs in Manhattan

Bedbugs outbreaks in Manhattan have soared in recent years. Bedbugs are pests that are unusually difficult to eradicate. The internet and home improvement stores are filled with advice and products you can buy that are “guaranteed” to rid your home of all bedbugs. The problem is that many residents and business owners end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on these products yet continue to have their blood sucked by these vampire-like bedbugs that endlessly infest the home or business.

Bedbugs do not respect income, cleanliness, class or type of residence or business. Multi-million dollar penthouses can experience massive bedbug infestations while the lowliest tenement has the same odds of experiencing bedbug outbreaks. The uber-wealthy can experience bedbug bites just as can the low-income family. Broadway theaters, 5-star hotels and restaurants, hospitals and offices have even experienced invasions of these horrible creatures.

What causes bedbugs to get into a home or business? These mainly nocturnal insects can move from apartment to apartment under poorly fitting door jambs, through cracks, even through electrical connections. They are also famous hitchhikers. Someone gets out of a taxi, likely not knowing a bedbug was on their clothing, and the bedbug is left in the cab to attach itself to the next fare. Subways, trains, on-call car services and buses are common transportation-related ways to carry bedbugs into your home.

Anywhere the public gathers including theaters, schools, healthcare facilities, libraries, restaurants, and stores are potential locations to have the misfortune of having a bedbug hitchhike home with you. Unfortunately, you may pick up a bedbug ready to lay eggs and within a short time, you have a full blown terrifying infestation of nocturnal blood-sucking bedbugs.

The Bedbug Report for Metro New York is an online registry used for reporting bedbug invasions. It is interactive with a map that zooms in on neighborhoods about which you want information regarding bedbug problems. If you are considering moving, this is a great resource to avoid areas of the densest bedbug populations where you would be more likely to experience the stress and anxiety of a bedbug infestation. You can also report your own bedbug issue.

While Manhattan landlords are legally responsible for bedbug extermination in rented houses, apartments or commercial properties, there can be problems getting the property owner to provide effective bedbug control services or in getting neighbors to follow the steps required to rid the location of bedbugs and maintain a bedbug-free environment. If you own the property, you are responsible for all bedbug eradication costs, no matter if you reside or do business at the location or rent or lease the property to others for their use.

You are probably wondering how to get rid of bedbugs completely and effectively. There is a way to rid your Manhattan home, office or industrial property of bedbugs without the hassle of using tons of potentially toxic do-it-yourself products that don’t end the infestation. Pest Control New York City serves Manhattan and surrounding boroughs with professional treatments that, along with a few steps on your part to prevent reinfestation, will return your home or office to the pleasant, happy place it was before the horror of bedbugs moved into your space. Other pests are also reliably eradicated, depending on your particular pest problems.

We are open seven days per week from 7 am to 7 pm so that we can easily schedule a convenient time to inspect your home. Your pest control professional will provide a price quote for the services you need and begin treatment at your convenience.

Cockroach Invasions

There are two main species of cockroaches that invade homes and other buildings in Manhattan. The American cockroach is the larger of the two species, growing up to 1.5 inches or more. While they have wings, they seldom fly. This species of cockroach prefers to come out at night to feed and can survive on many food sources. They love food left uncovered, crumbs, unwashed dishes but can also consume the glue from book bindings, leaf mulch and decaying food of any type. The females lay eggs frequently, quickly making a small infestation become overwhelming in a short time. American cockroaches can be brought into the building in cardboard boxes, used furniture or books and paper grocery bags. They also enter through cracks, doors left ajar and can readily migrate from neighboring apartments.

German cockroaches are smaller in size, growing to only 0.5 inches in length at adulthood. This species of cockroach is not afraid to be seen in daylight but will scatter quickly when a threat is perceived. These pests eat the same things as American cockroaches and come into your home in the same variety of ways as American cockroaches.

If you have a cockroach colony, you are wondering how to get rid of cockroaches in your home or business and how to get rid of the cockroaches fast. The first step is to have a professional pest control expert from Pest Control New York, Inc. treat your home or commercial site. You may want to set up a repeating schedule for monthly or quarterly treatments for cockroaches.

After your space is treated for cockroaches, prevent further outbreaks by keeping the kitchen and eating areas crumb-free and cover all food that is not in a sealed package. Empty trash every day and, if your cockroach problem is difficult to eradicate, keep your trash container outside your door where practical. Carefully inspect any used furnishings and avoid collecting large numbers of books. Books can be passed on for others to enjoy. Fill any cracks or gaps where these insects may enter and be sure your door jamb has a bottom sweep that leaves no crack for entry.

Cockroaches do not bite but many people, both children and adults, are fearful or even phobic about them. While cockroaches do not carry any disease, their lifestyle results in bacteria coming into your residence or business with them. This could cause potential health risks.

Pest Control New York City, Inc., uses effective but safe insecticides and growth regulator products to remove your cockroach invasion. Their work is guaranteed for up to 45 days. Call for a price estimate and to schedule a site visit from one of our trained experts pest control pros so a written price quote for your property can be provided and treatment scheduled. We work seven days per week so it is easy to contact us for a convenient home inspection appointment.


Waterbugs enjoy living on the water where they stay afloat by using each of their six legs as a paddle. They look like oversize cockroaches but are not a species of roach. They are capable of short flights.

When there is no readily available source of water, these nuisances will find cracks and crevices through which to enter your home or business to seek out water. They tend to invade wet or damp areas such as sink drains, bathtub drains, drips from any leaky pipes and plant saucers that collect water when too much water is provided to the plant.

Pest Control New York City will gladly provide safe, effective treatments to rid your space of waterbugs. Prices are affordable so don’t put up with these invaders; call today to obtain an estimate and arrange a visit for a firm quote and treatment. You’ll be glad you chose trained experts to quickly rid your home or business of water bug infestations. We are open seven days per week from 7 am to 7 pm so call today to schedule a home visit.


There are over 12,000 classified species of ants, however, the answer to the common query asking how many ant species live in New York is only about 42 species are found in Manhattan ant infestations. Most of the 42 species commonly seen by Pest Control New York City professionals live outdoors, under and around structure foundations and other locations where residents do not encounter them, even though they may be damaging the structure or landscaping. Only a few ant species invade the interiors of Manhattan residences or commercial buildings. Most often these small colony pests sneak into a building through cracks, doorways, around windows or invade from neighboring apartments.

Ants are capable of communicating, making it appear as if the colony is controlled by a single brain telling each colony member what to do. While these pests do have means of communications, their communications are accomplished through movements, scent trails and other means still being researched.

On September 2, 2012, New York Times published an article written by Annie Kami appeared announcing “Biologists studying six-legged New Yorkers have discovered a never-before-seen breed of the prehistoric insect living in the Broadway medians at 63rd and 76th streets.” Further, the articles revealed, “Researchers believe the “ManhattAnt” — which has not yet been given an official scientific name — may have evolved due to its isolation in the concrete jungle, where it has adapted to a warmer, drier urban environment.”

Many species of ants can sting or bite but only a few species have enough venom to be more than simply annoying for the vast majority of victims. There is one major exception; a reaction allowing a single ant bite or sting can be deadly. If a person is severely allergic to ant venom, a reaction can occur that is so severe the victim will likely die unless special medication is injected within minutes. Extreme allergic reactions of this nature are known as anaphylactic shock, causing the throat to swell closed resulting from an inability to breathe.

The most destructive outdoor ant species in Manhattan is the carpenter ant. These pests, as their name indicates, like to burrow into wood, creating long trails of removed wood to create their homes and nests. When a large invasion attacks a wooden structure, the wood’s strength becomes compromised. In the worst invasions of carpenter ants in Manhattan, structures built mainly or partially of wood can reach a point of collapse or near collapse. Other structures can require costly repairs. In some cases, carpenter ants can appear inside structures and may build nests there but are often only foraging for food if there are cracks and crevices to provide handy entrances and exits since they do not actually eat wood. They prefer to build their nests in damp, dark spaces such as around leaky plumbing or where wood is left in a pile. When outdoor colonies become overcrowded they are most likely to add additional colonies inside the home.

Inside your Manhattan home, ant species may build nests. The most common types of ants to nest in your residence are the odorous house ants, pharaoh ants, and pavement ants. It is very important to know exactly which ant species is causing an invasion because some types react differently than others to certain do-it-yourself products and can actually cause the ants to create more nests instead of being eradicated. Because ant nests each have one or more queen ants capable of producing eggs, unless the queen or queens are located and erased from the home, any home treatment will only provide very short-term relief.

The best way to get rid of ants living inside your home or nesting outside your home is to contact the bonded and insured trained professionals at Pest Control New York City, Inc., to have a pest pro visit your location so that he or she can identify your infestation, explain effective treatments and perform the needed treatments. Call or email us today to schedule a visit from one of our licensed and bonded professionals.


Fleas are small blood-sucking insects that can plague Manhattan homes or building. They are mainly found in locations where dogs, cats, and rats live, but there is also a species known as the “human flea” that can infest homes where no pets are present.

Today there are treatments to prevent fleas from attacking pet dogs and cat and even birds, but feral birds, canines and felines are often covered with these vermin.

Most responsible pet owners use monthly vet-prescribed easy to apply treatments that are extremely effective for keeping fleas off pets and therefore out of the home.

In some cases, apartments or houses can become infested with fleas because a previous resident had pets with fleas and flea eggs may be lefts in the structure as well as live fleas. Even though no pet resides there to act as a food source for the existing or hatching fleas, these pests will feed on human blood.

Flea bites are itchy and annoying for most people. However, some humans have allergic reactions to flea bites. These reactions can range from welts that can lead to infections up to severe reactions that cause anaphylactic shock requiring immediate life-saving medical attention.

Fleas move through the fur of mammals and the hair of humans by flattening themselves. Therefore, you can get flea bites anywhere on your body. If your pet has fleas, they will experience severe itching and scratch the bites.

Getting rid of fleas is important because they can carry disease. Typhus fever and tapeworms are just two of the serious diseases that can be caused by flea bites.

If your home or commercial building has a flea infestation, you need professional help to completely rid the flea plague. Most retail products that you can buy are not effective. Pest Control New York City can determine how extensive your flea infestation is and advise you of available effective treatments that are affordable and effective. In some cases, several treatments may be required to ensure that hatching eggs left from the fleas do not reinfest the locations. Contact us for a free home inspection.


Spiders are predators that hunt down insects or other spiders as food. They infect a venom into the prey that turns it into liquid, allowing the spider to consume the prey through a small proboscis. These pests cannot chew their food, only suck the liquefied portion of the prey.

All true spiders are members of the arachnids family. Phobia of spiders is one of the most common phobias and is experienced by millions of people. Some anacrophobics are so severe that even the thought of the possibility of a spider being nearby can set off a severe panic attack. Seeing an image online or in a publication can also set off a panic attack in those with serious anacraphobia.

There are over 40,000 species of spiders classified today but scientists think there may be as many as 200,000 species. Remote jungle areas likely contain spiders that have not been identified.

Spiders only bite humans if they are pinched in some way. A common way to get a spider bite is to roll over onto one in your bed. Most spider venom is not toxic enough to humans to be more than a minor annoyance but there are two major exceptions.

Recluse spiders, especially the brown recluse that is often found in wood or piles of discarded wood, has a venom that can cause a serious reaction, causing flesh around the bite to die and requiring medical attention. Members of the widow family of spiders, the best known being the black widow, is another spider that has venom that causes a serious reaction in humans and other animals. If either of these types of spiders is seen in your home, immediate action to exterminate the infestation is required.

Fox News recently reported that celebrity Howard Stern, a Manhattan resident, found a brown recluse in his kitchen sink. Other Manhattan residents have found brown recluses in their homes, sometimes in large numbers.

If you find spiders in your Manhattan home or building, especially poisonous ones, you must immediately reach out for professional help. Spiders can be difficult to kill with sprays available to the public.

Pest Control New York City has the professional grade products as well as the knowledge to identify your exact type of spider invasions. They will discuss treatment plans with you as well as costs and schedule a visit to properly eradicate your Manhattan spider invasion. Contact Pest Control New York seven days per week from 7 am to 7 pm to schedule a home inspection.


In Manhattan, as all around the world, bees are important to the environment. They are insects related to ants and wasps but are critical in pollinating plant blossoms. If there were no bees in the world, food would not be produced as easily. While some other insects and certain birds do help pollinate blossoms of beautiful flowers and nutritious vegetable plants, bees do most of the work.

While feeding on nectar of blossoms, pollen gets on the hairy body parts of various species of bees. When the same bee travels to another blossom of the same species of plant to continue feeding, pollen is felt behind, allowing the plant to produce flowers, vegetable, nuts and other food for both humans and wildlife.

Bees will sting humans but usually only if disturbed. For most people, the sting is a painful annoyance but some people have life-threatening allergic reactions to bee stings that require the immediate injection of a prescription medication or other medical intervention to prevent the death of the person who experienced the sting. If a person disturbs a swarm of bees, even if they are not highly allergic, the number of stings can cause a serious medical issue and professional help must be sought as soon as possible.

One of the most recognizable and well-known bee species is the honey bee. These bees take pollen left on their bodies back to the hive to feed the queen bee. The queen produces royal jelly on which her hatching baby bees can feed.

Spring and summer are the times of year when bees are most commonly seen flying around Manhattan. This is because of the numerous outdoor plants in bloom. When the temperature drops below 50 degrees F, the bees go into a part of the hive near the center where it is warmer. They cluster around the queen to ensure she stays warms. They rotate position and their shivering creates warmth for the entire hive to survive the cold weather.

Bees become a pest control problem in Manhattan in cases where a landscape contains many blooming plants or when they build their hive inside the walls of a structure. Whether the structure is residential, commercial or industrial, sometimes a hive will use the space between the exterior walls and interior walls to build their hive. In the case of honey bees, the hive can be extensive and include several different walls spaces.

If you notice an unusual number of bees of any species swarming around your property, or if you see them entering or exiting your building, you should contact Pest Control New York City for an on-site inspection to determine where you bee problem is located and what needs to be done to free you from the bees inhabiting your property or structure. Because Pest Control NYC is concerned about your safety as well as the safety of the environment, you will be advised of treatment options that will protect you will not overkilling the bee population in your city.

For your convenience, contact Pest Control NYC any day of the week between the hours of 7 am and 7 pm to schedule your site visit. You’ll be quoted an exact price for treatment and advised if repeat treatments are recommended based on the species of bee and extent of your pest population.


Wasps are often confused with bees because they are often similar in size and coloring. They are related to ants and bees but are an entirely different type of insect. Three species of wasp that most people recognize are hornets, yellowjackets, and dirt or mud daubers.

Wasps play a role in pollinating plants but they are also beneficial for controlling other pests. They eat insects, spiders, beetles and similar bugs that people find annoying. They will sting humans if threatened but people that have a serious allergy to their sting require medical attention or death may ensue. Because their stings can be painful even to those people who do not have an allergy to their venom, they become pests when too many congregate in or around your home or property.

Wasps, especially dirt daubers, can build their nests under the eaves of buildings, in attics, in or around outdoor storage buildings and in landscaping. When they overpopulate and become an annoyance or danger to you or your family, it is time to call Pest Control New York City for help with your Manhattan wasp infestation. After a careful inspection of your property, you’ll be provided information about the cost and recommended treatment to free your home or property of these pesky insects.


Termites in Manhattan are often mistaken as flying ants but are actually related to cockroaches. Because the termite body looks quite ant-like, often people ignore them thinking they are simply some sort of special ants they’ve never seen before.

Manhattan structures containing or built of wood are havens for destructive. Millions of dollars of damage is done each year by these insects that consume wood. Even if your building or home does not look like a wooden construction, the beams, joists, flooring and other parts that are covered with finished products, termites can lurk unseen while destroying the wood supporting the building. They can bore into wooden furniture and decorative items. They consume plant structure at any level of deterioration, even attacking dead or dying trees.

Termites can easily move from building to building as their nest spread to vast sizes. To prevent termite outbreaks, smart property owners and managers have buildings inspected and preventative treatments to prevent infestation performed on a regular basis. Of course, in the process of purchasing a property, a termite inspection is required before a mortgage can be closed.

Once a major termite attack has begun, expensive treatments that include tenting and treating the entire house or building may be the only solution. All termite infested wood must be removed by skilled professionals and replaced with new, undamaged wood. This can be expensive and a hassle since vacating the property is required during the toxic full-structure treatment process.

Pest Control New York City will perform a site check to determine if there are any signs of termites and, if an infestation is found, explain the process and cost of eradication. If there are no termites found, preventative treatment is affordable and a great tool for homeowners and owners of commercial or industrial structures that contain wood can be discussed and scheduled so that the structure never needs expensive tent treatments to save the structure.

Mice,Rats, Squirrels and Other Vermin

In densely populated areas like Manhattan, mice, rats, squirrels and other vermin can become a real problem. With plenty of refuse containers, litter, and other easy food foraging sources, it’s easy for these vermin and others to live a posh life.

Manhattan is among the 10 cities with the highest rodent and vermin infestations. Since mice are small, they can easily hide in your home without your knowledge, eating into boxed foods and invading your trash cans for food. Rats are larger, some even huge, and are more likely to be noticed by residents. They can build nests in your basement, attic or even chew through the drywall in areas behind stored items and get into walls. Squirrels are smart and can find attic screens that are loose, spaces around pipes so home maintenance is important to keep these destructive rodents from entering your home.

All rodents can carry disease and are a danger to your family. Vermin phobias are also very common causing significant stress for residents.

No matter whether your Manhattan location has mice, rats, squirrels or other vermin, Pest Control New York City knows the best ways to resolve your unwelcomed visitors and eradicate them effectively. In a building where apartments are crowded together, cooperation from neighbors can help you prevent reinfestation and our pest control pros can help them with their problems, too.

Our expert exterminators, all fully licensed, bonded and insured, will advise you on the pest control and extermination solutions you need to relieve your invasion of bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, waterbugs, spiders, termites, bees, wasps, fleas, mice, rats, squirrels or other vermin.

Manhattan pest exterminator

Pest Control New York City will provide you a quote and explanation of the cost of the services you need at the end of the property inspection process. You may need one-time eradication of pests or want to have your property serviced on a regularly scheduled basis. Bedbugs and some other pests often require several treatments to completely rid the location of these horrible pests but these visits are included in your price quote. Your friendly pest control professional will advise you if more than one visit is needed for other infestations as well as any preparations you need to perform before the treatment.

Pest Control New York City, Inc., is a member of the New York State Pest Control Management Association, Inc.. and the Better Business Bureau. We are also a member of NPMA© Guardians of the Environment.

Pest Control New York City is concerned about the environment as well as the health and safety of people and pets at the properties we service. We use state of the art equipment and profession-only products that are extremely effective. If the service being performed, such as bedbug treatments, requires any advance preps on your part before treatment, you will be advised how to prepare for the requested service and how long you must stay out of the space, if any, for your safety. Many services do not require that you leave your home or office and the insecticide or pesticide used is safe for humans and pets.

Prices are affordable and we guarantee all our services. We are especially proud to provide guaranteed bedbug eradication as long as you take the recommended steps to prevent return on these bests.

Don’t waste your hard earned money on bedbug sprays, powders or other retails product you apply yourself that fail to work. You’ll likely spend more than the cost of effective professional treatment and still experience the frustration of failing to rid your home of the unwanted visitors invading your home or properly.

Manhattan pest exterminator

We provide a learning center on this site with information to help you identify and learn about the various insects and rodents that may invade your home or office, measures you can take to prevent infestation and ways to prevent reinfestation after Pest Control New York City eradicates your pest problem. Be sure to visit the learning center links to learn about the insects, spiders and other pests that may choose your residence or office as their home.

We accept payment by cash, personal check, money order, major credit cards and Paypal. Any returned personal checks will incur a fee in addition to paying the check amount using another payment method.

Call the professionals at Pest Control New York City at 718-395-2227 seven days per week from 7 am until 7 pm. .



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